Gesture Controlled Robot Module

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A wonderful robotic course which helps bring out the creativity and innovative thinking amongst the students in the age group of 11yrs to 14yrs. Champion™ course provides flexibility in build circuit on the board and make different projects. This course also improves the programming skills. Students can experiment with Science and Mathematics concepts learned in school with practical implementation.

STEM Learning and Robotics Training Programs

Our training programs are carefully and scientifically designed to bring out the innovation and creativity through out-of-the-box approach while giving the child an opportunity to explore Science and Technology. These programs help students to understand electronics, science and mathematics concepts in a fun learning manner. Once the student understand the applications of the academic concepts, learning interest increases which further results in higher marks or grades in school academics.

Outcomes of Robotics – Assemble and program Robots to perform various task
  • Learns basic fundamentals of electronics and science concepts.
  • Learns to build different types of circuit on the board.
  • Learns to do programming and to interface various sensors with microcontroller.
  • Learns to make assembly work through various means.
  • Builds own logic and thinking pattern to get the robot perform various tasks.
  • Builds the students confidence level and sense of creation.
  • Satisfaction, confidence and achievement gives boost to value knowledge.

Why Advance Robochamp training from India First Robotics

  • Lots of Electronic Projects will be designed in this training.
  • Each day of our training is well planned to provide you with Theoretical as well as Practical knowledge of the module.
  • Each day will come up with New Practical’s & Projects which makes the training interesting and exciting.
  • Time to time Assignments will be provided to the students, which will help them in doing practice at home.
  • Revision Time & Query Sessions are provided to the students which help them in clearing previous doubts.
  • Exam will be conducted at the end of basic as well as Advance module to test the knowledge level of the students.
  • Time for Project Work will be provided to the students, in which students will develop a project of their own choice. This will encourage Innovative Ideas among students.


  • SEagerness to learn new innovative things.

Who Could Attend this Training?

  • Students from 11 years to 14 years can join this training.
  • Anyone who have interest in this field and have pre-requisite knowledge.

DTMF Controlled Robot (15 Hours)

Session 1 2 hr Theory
Introduction to Robotics
  • Introduction to Extensive Field of ROBOTICS
  • Application of Robotics: Industrial, Medical, Entertainment.
  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Basics of hardware and software
  • New and Upcoming Technologies
Session 2
3 hr
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessor difference
  • Introduction to embedded system
  • Video sessions on advancements in Technology
  • Concepts of hardware and software interface
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Arduino IDE and Overview
  • Introduction to different Arduino boards and shields
  • Working on digital and analog signal
  • Microcontroller ATMEGA 328p
  • Introduction to BASIC PROGRAMMING.
  • Driver and software installation
Session 3
2 hr
  • L293D IC Explanation
  • Core of L293D vis-s-vis H- BRIDGE concept
  • Concept of Embedding L293D IC in MOTOR DRIVER shield
  • Making Connections of L293D IC on BREAD BOARD
  • Driving Motors with L293D on Bread Board
Session 4
2 hr
  • What is Motor
  • How motor works
  • Types of Motor
  • How to interface motors.
Program for DC motor controlling
  • forward movement
  • Backward movement
  • Left movement
  • Right movement
Session 5
2 hr
Communication Technology
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • UART Basics
  • Baud Rate
  • Sending data over Serial Monitor
Session 6
2 hr
  • What is Bluetooth technology and how it works
  • History of Bluetooth
  • Operating Frequency and Range of Bluetooth
  • HC-XX Series Bluetooth Module
  • Controlling LED Through Mobile App
Session 7
2 hr
Robot Completion
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Circuit mounting and interfacing
  • Programming and Controlling Robot over Bluetooth